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Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Key and the Gate Expansion BoxCall of Cthulhu LCG: The Key and the Gate Expansion Box

Gaming > Call of Cthulhu > Call/Cthulhu: The Key and the Gate Box

Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Key and the Gate Expansion Box

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Cards/Pack 165
Weight 2.49 lbs. (Estimated weight)
ManufacturerFantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer's Item Number CT60
UPC Code 9781616616069

The Key and the Gate is a deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game with a strong focus on the mysteries and minions of Yog-Sothoth. With its 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards), The Key and the Gate delves deep into the dark secrets of Yog-Sothoth. It also changes the fates of the game's other factions with new Fated characters and powerful support cards. Because Yog-Sothoth possesses unfathomable knowledge, there are always some reckless or daring individuals who seek the deity's favor in order to gain knowledge and power. The Key and the Gate rewards these mad Scientists and Sorcerers with new powers, allowing players to tweak old strategies and develop new ones around their new scientific knowledge and Spells.

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