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Legend of the Five Rings [L5R] CCG: Coils of Madness Booster BoxLegend of the Five Rings [L5R] CCG: Coils of Madness Booster Box

Gaming > Legend of the Five Rings CCG > L5R: Coils of Madness Booster Box

Legend of the Five Rings [L5R] CCG: Coils of Madness Booster Box

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Each $29 box contains 36 packs. Each pack contains 7 cards.

Cards/Pack 7
Packs/Box 36
Weight 1.26 lbs.
ManufacturerAlderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer's Item Number 16610
UPC Code 729220166104

Coils of Madness if the first expansion legal for the Emperor Edition and Ivory Edition arcs. Coils of Madness introduces 150 new cards. The set features the return to the game of iconic personalities such as (but not limited to) Hida O-Ushi, Doji Hoturi, Togashi Mitsu, Tsuruchi, and Bayushi Kachiko. Also in this set, cultists of Fudo and P'an Ku take up arms and vie for theological supremacy over the Colonies offering players around the world two new legal Strongholds to create decks around for the remainder of the arc, as well as alternate Rings! Each 7-card booster pack includes 4 non-unique cards from the set, 1 non-unique full bleed version of a card from the set, 2 unique cards from the set, and a chance for a foil version in every booster.

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