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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: HoundStar Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Hound

Gaming > Star Wars X-Wing > Star Wars X-Wing: Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack

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Weight 4.495 lbs. (Dimensional weight)
ManufacturerFantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer's Item Number SWX31
UPC Code 9781633440692

The Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack gives life to the infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk and his signature YV-666 light freighter, introducing them to X-Wing as part of the Scum and Villainy faction. Rendered at the game's standard 1/270 scale, the YV-666 light freighter is a towering, large-base starship that features three attack, six shields, six hull points, and rules for allowing your pilot to escape aboard the Nashtah Pup, a unique Z-95 Headhunter that you can add to your squad when you take the Hound's Tooth Title upgrade. This pack includes everything you need to add the YV-666 ship to your game and components to repurpose one of your Z-95 Headhunters as the Nashtah Pup - 1 rulesheet, 20 cards, 21 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, and the ship plus base and pegs.
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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Hound