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Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Box Case [12 boxes]Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Box Case [12 boxes]

Gaming > Universal Fighting System > UFS: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Case [12]

Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Box Case [12 boxes]

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Each case contains 12 boxes. Each box contains 24 packs. Each pack contains 10 cards.

Cards/Pack 10
Packs/Box 24
Boxes/Case: 12
ManufacturerSabertooth Games
UPC Code 6005178402124
Weight 13.78 lbs.

The Soul Arena expansion is a new UFS base set and features Cervantes, Lizardman, Yoshimitsu, Abyss, Taki, Talim, Rock and Mitsurugi.


Soul Arena is the third set of Soulcalibur for UFS. With the first appearance of many favorites in UFS and the return of a few of the big standard characters of Soulcalibur this is a must for collectors and players the world over. These are the characters that are in the set.

Rock – Rock continues the tradition of large characters in UFS by focusing on discarding cards from his opponent’s hand and reducing the amount of damage his opponent’s attacks deal. Hesitation, one of Rock’s cards, is an Air, Earth, and Void, 5 control Action card with the ability “F: Each player discards their hand and draws a number of cards equal to the number of cards they discarded. Add this card to your momentum. Your turn ends.”

Cervantes – This dastardly undead pirate’s reign of terror is going strong with his cards in this set focusing on changing control checks and building up large amounts of momentum to fuel all kinds of nasty tricks. A great card for Cervantes in this set is Dread Charge a 3 difficulty, Chaos, Death, and Evil, 4 control, Foundation with the ability “R Commit: Before you make a control check, discard 1 random face-down card from your momentum. The control check is equal to the discarded card's difficulty.”

Abyss – As the end boss of Soulcalibur three Abyss is no slouch when it comes to power. This shines through in his cards in this set which focus on reducing your opponent’s control checks so it is harder for them to play cards, and playing great reversals to attack back during your opponent’s turn. Fatal Gravity is one of the main weapons in abyss’s arsenal clocking in at a 6 difficulty, 8 damage, 3 speed mid, Chaos, Fire, Good, and 2 control attack card with the ability “Abyss Only - Throw – Reversal If this attack is completely blocked, it still deals half damage (rounded up). E: This attack gets "Powerful: 2". Only playable if you have a weapon asset in play.” It is quite powerful dealing a good amount of damage to your opponent.

Taki – A fan favorite Taki returns in this set continuing her quest to destroy her demon blades and the Soul Edge. Taki’s cards in this set give her more offensive options allowing her to draw cards from her momentum and to build momentum to fuel this. Shadow Cannon a 5 difficulty, 3 damage, 2 speed high, Air, All, Water, and 2 difficulty attack card with the abilities “Multiple: 2 – Weapon The first multiple copy of this card is a mid attack. The second multiple copy of this card is a low attack.”

Talim – Talim is a fast whirling offensive dervish just like in the video game. Her cards facilitate multiple either giving it to attacks, or making it easier to use this powerful ability. Her Rolling Storm is a 3 difficulty, +2 high block, 1 damage, 4 speed mid, Fire, Good, Water, 2 difficulty attack card with the abilities “Multiple: 5 – Weapon E: Reduce this attack's speed (and the speed of its multiple copies) by X (to a minimum of 1). Increase its damage (and the damage of its copies) by X.”

Lizardman – This cursed Spartan warrior turned into a velociraptor with an axe is bringing the pain in this UFS set by making attacks unblockable and reducing the damage of your opponent’s attacks. A perfect example of this is his card Raise the Shield a 3 difficulty, Earth, Void, Water, 4 control Foundation with the abilities “E Commit: Your opponent's attack gets -2 damage (to a minimum of 1) and is unblockable. Lizardman R: After you take damage from an unblockable attack, play any attack from your hand as a reversal.”

Yoshimitsu – The craziness of Yoshimitsu debuts in UFS with all the sword spinning and deceptive moves resulting in Yoshimitsu being able to pay life to activate many wacky effects and being able to discard cards from your opponent’s hand. Turning Suicide is a 5 difficulty. 5 damage, 4 speed mid, 2 control attack with the abilities “Weapon - Yoshimitsu Only E Lose 10 Vitality: Triple this attack's damage. If this attack is blocked, your opponent discards their hand.”

Mitsurugi – Another character making a second appearance in UFS after having been in the first set Mitsurugi’s cards are focused on building a straight forward beat down deck that will add damage to attacks and allow you to draw cards to keep your offensive rolling. His Cannon Divide is a 7 difficulty, 7 damage, 3 speed mid, All, Fire, Order, and 2 control attack with the abilities “Weapon E: This attack is unblockable. You may not play any more attacks or abilities this turn. Only playable if this is the first card you played this turn and you have not played any other E abilities.”

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Sabertooth Games Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Box Case [12 boxes] Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Soulcalibur III Soul Arena Booster Box Case [12 boxes]