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Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Street Fighter The Dark Path Booster BoxUniversal Fighting System [UFS]: Street Fighter The Dark Path Booster Box

Gaming > Universal Fighting System > UFS: Street Fighter Dark Path Booster Box

Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Street Fighter The Dark Path Booster Box

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Each box contains 24 packs. Each pack contains 10 cards.

Cards/Pack 10
Packs/Box 24
Weight 1.08 lbs.
ManufacturerSabertooth Games
UPC Code 097090612015

The Dark Path expansion is a new UFS base set and features T-Hawk, Ryu, Chun-Li, Twelve, Adon, Rose, Charlie, and Sakura.


The Dark Path is the fourth Street Fighter set released for thesystem and it should be the most exciting Street Fighter set yet. Making appearances in this set are …

Adon – Sagat’s pupil who is now on a quest to prove he is the God of Muay Thai. Adon’s cards in this set focuson making aggressive decks with high damage potential and the ability to play many attacks in one turn. Jaguar Assault is one of his cardsin this set and is a 6 difficulty, 4 damage, 1 speed mid, 2 control, Air, Earth, and Fire attack with the abilities “Multiple: 5 – Punch Ifall multiple copies of this card deal damage, discard this card and all copies of it from your card pool..”

T. Hawk – The champion of the Thunderfoot Tribe, he has left their lands to investigate some disappearances there and thosedisappearances connection to Shadaloo. T hawk is a tricky and tough fighter with his cards in this set focusing on playing reversals and discarding cardsfrom his opponent’s hand to clear the way for his offense. Reclaim the Land is one of his action cards in this set with a 1difficulty, 4 control, Fire, Order, Void and the ability “R: After one of your attacks played as a reversal deals damage, look at your opponent'shand and choose 1 card. Your opponent discards that card.”

Rose – A mysterious women with sorceress powers that has appeared to confront M. Bison. Some say she is related to him insome way. Rose’s cards in this set focus on adding to her control checks when she plays cards as well as slowing down your opponent by committingtheir foundations. Her card Super Soul Catch is a 6 difficulty, 5 damage, 3 speed high, 2 control, Chaos, Death, and Evil attack with theabilities “Desperation: 5 - Ranged - Stun: 2 E: Your next control check for a ranged attack this turn gets +X. X equals the number of foundationscommitted when you played the stun ability of this card.”

Charlie – Guile’s best friend and mentor Charlie is also on the trail of Shadaloo working to bring their criminalorganization to justice. Charlie’s cards focus on making your opponent discard momentum and reversing much like our earlier Guile cards. His cardCharlie’s Sonic Boom is a 4 difficulty, 4 damage, 4 speed high, 2 control, Air, Chaos, and Good attack with the abilities”Ranged This card may be played as a block against any ranged attack as if this card had a mid block of +0. E: If you add this card to your momentum,add 1 card from the top of your deck to your momentum.”

Sakura – Ryu’s pupil Sakura has set out to become the strongest fighter she can while still in high school.Sakura’s cards in this set are aggressive focusing on playing many cards in a turn, drawing more cards to be able to be aggressive and adding damageto attacks based on how many cards she has drawn this turn. Her Genkotsu Stamp is a 3 difficulty, +2 low block, 4 damage, 2 speed high, 2control, Fire, Void, and Water attack with the abilities “Kick – Reversal E Destroy 1 foundation: This card gets +X damage. X equals thenumber of cards you have drawn since the beginning of your Combat Phase.”

Ryu – A consummate martial artist Ryu shows his dark side in this set. Ryu unleashes the beast within him this set with hiscards focusing on adding damage or making your opponent lose vitality. His card Dive Kick is a 7 difficulty, +2 low block, 7 damage, 3speed high, 1 control, Earth, Fire, and Void attack. With the abilities “Kick E Discard 1 card: If this attack is blocked, each player losesvitality equal to the number of cards in their hand. Ryu E Discard 1 card: This attack gets +2 damage.”

Chun-Li – This Interpol agent’s quest to avenge her father and bring Shadaloo to justice continues. Chun-Li pours onthe offense in this set getting many tricks that interact or add multiple and being able to reversal multiple times after blocking. Her card TheFight is Never Over is a 3 difficulty +2 mid block, 3 control, Air, Water, and Void action with the abilities “Breaker: 1 R: Before anattack would deal damage and reduce you to 0 vitality or less, play a reversal. Resolve that reversal before taking the damage.”

Twelve – Twelve is the product of a secret program to produce biological weapons. Its motives are almost as bizarre andmysterious as its physical form. Twelve’s cards in this set focus on being able to play abilities that your opponent’s cards have on them andmodifying his own control checks to be successful. His card Doppelgang is a 1 difficulty, 5 control, Air, Earth, and Water foundation withthe ability “F Commit: Choose one action in your opponent's discard pile. Place one card from your hand into your card pool face down. The cardin your card pool becomes an exact copy of the chosen card. Play that card as normal.’

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Sabertooth Games Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Street Fighter The Dark Path Booster Box Universal Fighting System [UFS]: Street Fighter The Dark Path Booster Box