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World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Booster Case [16 boosters]World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Booster Case [16 boosters]

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Gaming > World of Warcraft Minis > Warcraft Minis: Core Set Booster Case [16]

World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Booster Case [16 boosters]

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Cards/Pack 3
ManufacturerUpper Deck
UPC Code 053334628792
Weight 15.495 lbs. (Dimensional weight)

Each case contains 16 boosters. Each booster includes 3 random miniatures from the same faction, 3 character cards (1 for each mini), 6 ability cards (2 for each mini), and 1 UDE points card. Some packs will also include a random Loot card. Epic characters are inserted at a rate of 1 per 8 boosters.

Contents: 3 Random Minis

             3 Character Cards

              6 Action Bar Cards


As with most games, Booster Packs will be key to building your party. Each pack contains three minis from one of the three factions, either Horde, Alliance, or Monster. The faction will be randomly determined, so donít worry about searching for a Booster Pack with Monster artwork just because youíre looking for some new Monster minis.


Inside each Booster youíll find two Common minis and one Rare. One of the first things youíll notice is that with the World of Warcraft Miniatures, even a Common is an amazingly detailed sculpt. Upper Deck worked hard to make sure that every figure is a work of art and youíll want to keep them all for a dynamic game experience or to display. One in eight Boosters will contain an Epic mini in place of a Common. That means lucky players will get one Common, one Rare and one Epic. World of Warcraft fans everywhere will definitely want to collect all six Epics. As if chasing down epics wasnít enough, players will also have a chance to open Booster Packs with sample Loot cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. In case you havenít heard, the World of Warcraft TCG Loot cards give players who receive them access to unique cosmetic upgrades in the World of Warcraft online game!

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Upper Deck World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Booster Case [16 boosters] World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Booster Case [16 boosters]