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Yu-Gi-Oh: 2016 Mega-Tin Case [12 tins]Yu-Gi-Oh: 2016 Mega-Tin Case [12 tins]

Gaming > Yu-Gi-Oh > Yu-Gi-Oh: 2016 Mega-Tin Case [12 tins]

Yu-Gi-Oh: 2016 Mega-Tin Case [12 tins]

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Each case contains 12 tins. Each tin contains 3/1 packs. Each pack contains 16/6 cards.

SKU yugioh16mtc
Cards/Pack 16/6
Packs/Tin 3/1
Tins/Case: 12
Manufacturer's Item Number 82862
UPC Code 083717828624
Weight 20.49 lbs. (Estimated weight)

The 2016 Mega-Tins put Yugi and Kaiba front and center alongside their legendary Egyptian God Cards (Slifer and Obelisk the Tormentor). The Yugi & Slifer Tin and the Kaiba & Obelisk Tin each come with 6 variant cards - the highest number of variants ever included in a tin before! In addition to the Secret Rare Egyptian God Card depicted on the lid, each tin includes 2 Ultra Rare variants of Yugi/Kaiba themed cards, including Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, in their Ultra Rare foil technology Each tin also includes 3 Super Rare variant cards, including 2 brand new cards - one Pendulum Monster, and one D/D/D boss monster to go with the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck, tentatively scheduled for release in 2017. Tins also include three 16-card Mega packs, each containing a secret rare, an ultra rare, a super rare, a rare, and 12 commons, including cards from Crossed Souls, Clash of Rebellions, Dimension of Chaos, and Breakers of Shadow. Each case includes 12 tins.

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