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Affiliate Program

Potomac Distribution's affiliate program allows you to earn commission on orders placed by customers coming to us from your website.

You may link to any part of our site including specific items or our pages which feature certain games, supplies, etc. You may want to tell your website readers about the latest Yu-Gi-Oh release or direct them to our complete list of L5R boxes. The possibilities are endless. Its up to you to decide what will interest your site visitors most.

We'll pay you a small commission on each sale and send a check or Paypal payment to you once your commissions reach our minimum payout threshold. Or, you can use your commissions towards purchases at Potomac Distribution.

This is a great opportunity to make some extra money with relatively little work or effort. This program can be used to earn money for yourself, your gaming group, school, or other organization.

To get started, please email us at affiliate@potomacdist.com.