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Charmed Forever Premium Trading Cards Box Case [10 boxes]Charmed Forever Premium Trading Cards Box Case [10 boxes]

Non-Sport > Charmed > Charmed: Forever Case [10]

Charmed Forever Premium Trading Cards Box Case [10 boxes]

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Each case contains 10 boxes. Each box contains 36 packs. Each pack contains 6 cards.

Cards/Pack 6
Packs/Box 36
Boxes/Case: 10
Weight 11.24 lbs.

Every box contains 2 Piecworks cards! There are 12 different Pieceworks cards including items worn by Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Billie, and Chris, as well as a Dual Swatch card with material from a top and pants worn by Piper during Season 8. Other inserts include a 9-card "Legacy" puzzle set featuring Charmed Ones and their family members, a 6-card foil/etched "Forever Family" set featuring behind-the-scenes shots from the last Charmed tapings, a 3-card "And They Lived Happily Ever After" set , as well as Inkplates cards. There is also a special "The Power of Four" case topper card inserted in every case. Customers pre-ordering 2 cases (20 boxes) will receive a special triple-costume Pieceworks card featuring all 3 Charmed Ones from the Season 5 episode "Oh My Goddess!"





Charmed Forever
Premium Trading Cards
From Inkworks

A new premium trading card set from Inkworks featuring the sisters of Charmed.

Release May 2007. 


Charmed Forever
Premium Trading Cards
Coming May 2007!


Includes Pieceworks® Cards and Inkplates™ Cards!


Long before the sisters ever became the Charmed Ones, the Triad designed a plot to destroy the powerful witches. But in the end, nothing and no one would be able to conquer the determination of Piper, Phoebe and Paige to insure that the Halliwell family would remain…Charmed Forever.

This 72-card set recaptures the final season storyline, character cards, the ultimate battle, and more!

Plus, look for the following bewitching bonus cards:

PIECEWORKS® CARDS - Two Per Box!  Thirteen cards featuring pieces of the actual costumes worn on-screen during the filming of Charmed.  (13 cards - inserted 1:18 packs)

  • Top worn by Phoebe (Season 8)

  • Top worn by Piper (Season 8)

  • Top worn by Paige (Season 8)

  • Jacket worn by Billie (Season 8)

  • T-shirt worn by Chris (Season 6)

  • Top worn by Phoebe (Season 6)

  • Gown worn by Piper (Season 5)

  • Top worn by Paige (Season 7)

  • Top worn by Phoebe (Season 7)

  • Top worn by Paige (Season 6)

  • Robe worn by Paige (Season 6)

  • Pants worn by Paige (Season 7)

  • And Dual Swatch Card: Top and pants worn by Piper (Season 8)


“LEGACY” – A nine card puzzle featuring The Charmed Ones and their family members – past, present, and future. (9 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:11 packs)

“Forever Family” – Six foil and etched cards featuring behind the Scenes shots from the last tapings of Charmed! (6 different cards - Inserted approximately 1:17 packs)

“And They Lived Happily Ever After” - Three foil cards (3 cards - inserted approximately 1:35 packs).

And a special case loader “The Power of Four” (1 card - 1 per shipping case)


ALSO - Look for the exclusive collector album to complete the collection, plus, a very limited 9-card uncut mini-press sheet (only 199 will be available!)

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Inkworks Charmed Forever Premium Trading Cards Box Case [10 boxes] Charmed Forever Premium Trading Cards Box Case [10 boxes]