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A Game of Thrones: Kingsroad - The Banners Gather Chapter PackA Game of Thrones: Kingsroad - The Banners Gather Chapter Pack

Gaming > Game of Thrones > Game/Thrones: Chapter Pack - Banners Gather

A Game of Thrones: Kingsroad - The Banners Gather Chapter Pack

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SKU thronebgcp
Cards/Pack 60
Weight 0.26 lbs.
ManufacturerFantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer's Item Number GOT96
UPC Code 9781616616076

The Banners Gather is the first Chapter Pack in the new Kingsroad Cycle. After two cycles that carried A Game of Thrones players far from the shores of Westeros, The Banners Gather returns to the Seven Kingdoms, its Great Houses, their lords, their banners, and their traditional strengths. In the Chapter Pack's 60 new cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards), the Lannisters flaunt their wealth, the Greyjoys seize control of rival locations, and the Targaryens march forward with their attachments and Dragons. Likewise, the Baratheons, Starks, and Martells gain new Strongholds, Tactics, and tricks. Of course, no House is strong when cut off from its supporters, and The Banners Gather takes a look at the many Bannerman characters who swear their fealty and service to their liege lords. Players will find several new characters with the Bannerman trait, all of whom bring powerful new abilities to their Houses and enable new synergies with the game's older Bannerman cards.
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