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World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Deluxe Starter PackWorld of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Deluxe Starter Pack

Gaming > World of Warcraft Minis > Warcraft Minis: Core Set Deluxe Starter Pack

World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Deluxe Starter Pack

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SKU wowmcdsd
Cards/Pack 6
Weight 9.495 lbs. (Dimensional weight)
ManufacturerUpper Deck
UPC Code 053334628747

Each deluxe starter includes 6 random miniatures (3 from each faction), 6 characters cards (1 for each mini), 12 ability cards (2 for each mini), 6 custom dice with unique crit icon (2 of 3 varieties), 6 miniatures Ubases, 1 Deluxe Game Board, 1 rulebook, 1 scenario book, 2 UDE point cards, 1 Loot card, a Set 1 Checklist, and 1 customizable terrain/token sheet (1 of 3 varieties to match the game board).

Contents: 6 Random Minis

              6 Character Cards

              12 Action Bar Cards

              Deluxe Game Board

              Terrain/Token Sheet

              6 UBases

              6 Custom Dice

              Core Set Checklist

              Rulebook and Scenario Guide

              World of Warcraft TCG Preview Loot Card


Shortly after the release of the Starter Set, be on the lookout for the Deluxe Edition, which will offer players a premium selection of everything great about the World of Warcraft Miniatures game. Each Deluxe Edition will be packaged with six random minis; three minis each from two of the three factions. This means you’ll be able to play 3v3 matches right out of the box! In addition to these Minis, you’ll also receive matching unique bases and dice for the factions you open.


One of the coolest additions to the Deluxe Edition is that it will feature one of three exclusive game boards that will have different maps to use during gameplay. While the Starter Set map is printed on paper, these Deluxe Edition maps will be of a far higher quality, like the boards you might find in your favorite board games. The Deluxe Edition also includes movable terrain tokens and a scenario guide to let you build your own play experience. You can even put two boards together for a truly epic battle. On top of that, every package will also contain a Sample WoW TCG Loot card!

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