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World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Starter PackWorld of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Starter Pack

Gaming > World of Warcraft Minis > Warcraft Minis: Core Set Starter Pack

World of Warcraft Miniatures: Core Set Starter Pack

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SKU wowmcsd
Figures/Pack 4
Weight 3.495 lbs. (Dimensional weight)
ManufacturerUpper Deck
UPC Code 053334628723

Each starter includes 4 exclusive fixed miniatures (2 Horde/2 Alliance), 4 character cards (1 for each mini), 2 ability cards (2 for each mini), 6 custom dice (3 Horde/3 Alliance) with unique crit icon, 6 miniature Ubases, 1 double-sided game map, a quick start rulebook, and a Set 1 Checklist.

Contents: 2 Exclusive Alliance Minis

              2 Exclusive Horde Minis

              4 Character Cards,

              8 Action Bar Cards

              6 UBases

              6 Custom Dice

              Game Map

              Core Set Checklist



The Starter Set is the perfect introduction to the game, giving you everything you’ll need for the full play experience. Since starter sets for miniatures games aren’t always the best deal, tending toward common minis and unexciting gameplay, Upper Deck broke the mold for the World of Warcraft Miniatures and went to great lengths to make sure that you’re going to be satisfied!


Right out of the box, you’ll have two Horde minis and two Alliance minis, perfect for quick 2v2 games as you’re learning to play. These minis are also unique to the Starter Set, which means that any Booster Pack can enhance the play experience.


Once you’ve gotten over how amazing the Starter Set figures look, check out the game map and dice that are also included. The World of Warcraft Miniatures have custom dice that make gameplay fun and easy. In addition to the map and dice, the Starter also contains six of Upper Deck’s innovative detachable bases (called UBases) that allow every mini to serve as both a display piece and a functional game piece. These Ubases will not be available in boosters, so you’ll want to pick up at least one starter to get the optimal play experience. 2 extra Ubases are included in the Starter so you can play 3v3 games without having to buy another starter.

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