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      Update - September 19, 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh New Challengers Pre-Sale
Pokemon: XY Furious Fists In Stock Now
Heroclix: DC Flash Pre-Sale
L5R: Line in the Sand In Stock Now
Yu-Gi-Oh: Legendary Collection 5Ds Pre-Sale
My Little Pony Crystal Games Pre-Sale
Panini Dragon Ball Z Pre-Sale
My Little Pony Friendship/Magic Series 3 Pre-Sale
Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 2 Pre-Sale
Weiss-Schwarz: Kill la Kill Pre-Sale
KMC Deck Protectors (Standard/Yu-Gi-Oh)
Ultra Pro Deck Protectors (Standard/Yu-Gi-Oh)

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Sep 19
Yu-Gi-Oh: New Challengers Super Edition ($63 box $739 case) is expected in December.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 3 trading cards ($36 box $695 case) are expected in December.
Our complete Gaming/CCG pricelist is available as a PDF file for convenient reading and perusing. Its updated daily and is nearly 20 pages long!
Sep 12
International customers: Please contact us by chat or email if you have questions about shipping costs. Sometimes, we are able to offer lower shipping costs for orders by manually calculating the shipping costs.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist Alliance Deluxe Edition ($24 box $264 case) is now in stock.
Cardfight Vanguard: Infinite Rebith boosters ($59 box $906 case) will be here soon (week of Sept 19).
Sep 5
L5R: A Line in the Sand boosters are shipping on Monday, September 8. Place your pre-order now!
Don't forget to use a coupon code with your order to get a free gift. You can find these codes on our Facebook wall or on our Twitter stream.
Future Card Buddyfight: Great Clash!! Dragon Vs. Danger ($29 box $672 case) is shipping Friday, September 12.
Aug 26
New Pre-Sale: Yu-Gi-Oh: New Challengers boosters ($61 box $699 case) are expected in early November.
New Release: Dragon Shields are now available in copper color ($68 box $335 case).
Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to talk to us using the chat feature found in the lower right corner of each page. We are happy to answer any questions you have.
Aug 15
Free shipping! We offer free shipping anywhere in the mainland US for orders of $150 or more.
New Release: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist Alliance boosters ($68 box $792 case) are now in stock.
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Yu-Gi-Oh: New Challengers Booster [1st Ed.]Yu-Gi-Oh: New Challengers
Booster [1st Ed.]

product image
Dragon Ball Z: Booster [Panini]Dragon Ball Z: Booster

product image
Weiss Schwarz: Kill la Kill BoosterWeiss Schwarz: Kill
la Kill Booster

product image
My Little Pony: Crystal Games BoosterMy Little Pony: Crystal
Games Booster

product image
Dragon Ball Z: Starter [Panini]Dragon Ball Z: Starter

product image
Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 2 CollectorGarbage Pail Kids 2014
Series 2 Collector

product image
L5R: New Order BoosterL5R: New Order Booster
product image
FC Buddyfight: Darkness Fable BoosterFC Buddyfight: Darkness
Fable Booster

product image
Pokemon: EX Power Trio Tin Case [12 tins]Pokemon: EX Power Trio
Tin Case [12 tins]

product image
Pokemon: 2014 World Championships Starter Deck BoxPokemon: 2014 World Championships
Starter Deck Box

product image
Yu-Gi-Oh: Legendary Collection 5D'sYu-Gi-Oh: Legendary
Collection 5D's

product image