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Magic the Gathering Booster Boxes, Theme Decks, and Gift Set Boxes

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Prices updated on Oct 30 2014
Magic: 2010 Core Set Intro Pack Box $99415Jul 2009
Magic: 2011 Booster Box $1161536Jul 2010
Magic: 2011 Fat Pack Box $39--Jul 2010
Magic: 2012 Core Set Booster Box $851536-
Magic: 2012 Fat Pack Box $42---
Magic: 2013 Commander Deck Box $108-5-
Magic: 2013 Commander Eternal Bargain Deck $29---
Magic: 2013 Commander Power Hungry Deck $22---
Magic: 2013 Core Set Fat Pack $38---
Magic: 2014 Core Set Booster Box $961536-
Magic: 2014 Core Set Fat Pack Box $37---
Magic: 6th Booster Box $2561536Apr 1999
Magic: 7th 2-Player Starter Deck Box $48766Apr 2001
Magic: 7th 2-Player Starter Set $1276-Apr 2001
Magic: 8th Edition Box Set $58---
Magic: Avacyn Restored Booster Box $1351536May 2012
Magic: Dark Ascension Fat Pack $48--Feb 2012
Magic: Dragons Maze Booster Box $941536-
Magic: Fallen Empires Booster Box $168860-
Magic: Future Sight Theme Deck Box $856112May 2007
Magic: Gatecrash Booster Box $931536Feb 2013
Magic: Gatecrash Fat Pack $36--Feb 2013
Magic: Guildpact Booster Box $3061536Feb 2006
Magic: Innistrad Fat Pack $99--Sep 2011
Magic: Judgment Booster Box $2291536May 2002
Magic: Mirrodin Besieged Booster Box $1591536Feb 2011
Magic: Portal 2nd Age Gift Box $38---
Magic: Return to Ravnica Booster Box $1021536Oct 2012
Magic: Return to Ravnica Fat Pack $56--Oct 2012
Magic: Scars of Mirrodin Booster Box $1821536Oct 2010
Magic: Starter Game 2000 Sampler [10 pack lot] $241010Apr 2000
Magic: Starter Game 2000 Sampler Pack $5101Apr 2000
Magic: Torment Fat Pack $69--Feb 2002