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Spike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards BoxSpike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards Box

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Spike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards Box

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Each box contains 36 packs. Each pack contains 6 cards.

Cards/Pack 6
Packs/Box 36
Weight 1.02 lbs.
UPC Code 088472128712

This 72-card series features “Becoming Spike,” the sequential story as told throughout the seasons of Buffy & Angel; “Ladies’ Man,” “Bloody Pains” and “Spike Speak.”

Also look for randomly inserted bonus cards:

Autograph Cards – One Per Box! Ten different autograph cards (10 Cards - Inserted appx. 1:36 packs)
  • James Marsters (Spike)
  • Juliet Landau (Drusilla)
  • Julie Benz (Darla)
  • Mercedes McNab (Harmony)
  • K.D. Aubert (Slayer Nikki Wood)
  • Kali Rocha (Cecily Adams)
  • George Hertzberg (Adam)
  • Steven W. Bailey (Soul Demon)
  • James Leary (Clem)
  • Simon Templeman (Pavayne)

Heart & Soul - A nine-card foil embossed puzzle featuring original painted artwork by renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. (9 Cards - Inserted appx. 1:11 packs).

Spike + Buffy - Six cards featuring the love/hate/love story fans crave! (6 Cards - Inserted appx. 1:17 packs).

Pieceworks® Cards - Two unique cards featuring actual pieces of the infamous leather coat Spike wore throughout Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  One card commemorates the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.  One card commemorates the Angel series.  PLUS - Look for randomly inserted variant versions of each card that are autographed by James Marsters!  Each autographed variant will have an "A" as part of the card number to authenticate each autographed version.

Artist's Autograph Card - A special card featuring the painting,  Heart & Soul.  Each card is individually autographed by Boris Vallejo.  These cards will be randomly inserted into the packs at a rate of one per case. (1 Card - Inserted appx. 1:432 packs).

Box Loader Cards - Three "Hero's Journey" cards.  (3 Cards - 1 per sealed display box).

Case Loader Card - A special case loader card.  (1 Card - 1 per sealed case) .

6 Cards per pack
36 Packs per box
12 Boxes per case

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Inkworks Spike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards Box Spike: The Complete Story Premium Trading Cards Box