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Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Trading Cards BoxStar Trek: 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Box

Non-Sport > Star Trek > Star Trek 50th Anniversary Box

Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Box

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Each $73 box contains 24 packs. Each pack contains 5 cards.

Cards/Pack 5
Packs/Box 24
Weight 0.84 lbs.
ManufacturerRittenhouse Archives
UPC Code 693195160828

Each Star Trek 50th Anniversary box includes 2 Aliens Autograph cards and 1 Relic Booklet/Card. Also look for 1 Color Sketch card per case and Cut Signature cards randomly inserted (featuring Gene Roddenberry, Mark Lenard, and DeForest Kelley). The base set consists of 100 foil-etched cards. Bonus sets include a 50-card metal Heroes set (1:24 packs), a 50-card ArtiFex set (original portraits by Emily Tester/1:12), a 50-card ArtiFex Originals set (the original, one-of-a-kind, pice of art randomly inserted), a 9-card Tech Evolution set (1:96), a 9-card Ships of the Line set(1:96), an 18-card Starfleet Captains set (1:48), and a 10-card Phaser Cut set (1:288). Each case includes a Captain Archer Captain's Series Expansion card. Case incentives include a 6-case USS Enterprise hull Relic card, a 9-case Dual Autograph card signed by William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, and an 18-box 50th Anniversary Archive box that includes an exclusive set of 4 color printing plates.
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Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Box Star Trek: 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Box